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Immersion in Nature
25th-30st June 2024 - Limited places

Give yourself an opportunity to slow down, observe and reconnect.

4 days hiking in the stunning Swiss Alps, with time to silence, observe yourself, learn morning routines and have some clarity about your next steps.

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Why was this immersion created?

This hiking program appears from observing the way most of people are living their lives on these modern days, and the consequences of that. Days are a rush, full of stress, of tasks to complete and goals to achieve. In the other hand, for many people the important is to show to others how perfect life is (but it's far away from it). Anxiety levels are high, and the predictions indicate that in 2050 1 out of 3 people will experience a mental health disorder.


There is no time to slow down, to do what really pleases you or even to look at yourself and listening to the signs your body is giving you. Sometimes you feel like having too much pressure from others and from yourself - pressure to achieve what society expects from you.


Maybe you have the need to show that you did everything you were supposed to do: you have a degree, a good job, a relationship, a house. However, you don't feel fulfilled. Perhaps you don't like your job, your daily routine and your energy level is low. You feel like having a break, offering time to yourself and looking to what needs to be done to break this cycle. 

Often, you try to give yourself this time, but there is never an opportunity.

How about traveling to the Swiss Alps and immerse yourself in nature?

For who is this immersion?

For anyone with a medium-high physical condition, who likes outdoors, nature, mountain and would like to discover the spectacular landscapes of Grindelwald, Switzerland.

For the ones who would like to find in nature the right energy to have a break, to look to the inner self, have some clarity about what's not going right and, perhaps, get inspired to make some changes.

The longest hike is 11,2Km (7mi).

The hike with the most elevation gain has a distance of 8km (5mi) and 1030m (3 380ft) elevation gain (about 4h30-5h hiking).

Please contact us if you are interested, but you consider difficult do to these hikes due to your physical condition.

Available languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

What is included?

- 4 days hiking in Grindelwald, Switzerland - Part of the Jungfrau Region and UNESCO;

- Morning routines, meditations on the mountain and surprise activities;

- Overnight in a Mountain hut at 2681m with the opportunity of watching sunset and sunrise from there;-

- 4 nights accommodation with half-board in a shared twin/double room;

- 1 night in a dormitory at a mountain hut (possibility of double room for an extra fee) with half-board;

- Pic-nic lunch for one day;

- 4 days hiking pass with unlimited transportation in the Jungfrau Region;

- Half-fare card that gives you public transportation with 50% discount in Switzerland, valid for 1 month - If you are not traveling more days in Switzerland (apart from this immersion), the half-fare card will be exchange for a full return ticket to/from the airport.

2090CHF per person

Who is organising it?

My name is Marta, and if you would like to know more about me click HERE.

I live in Grindelwald for almost 7 years, and have worked on the mountain in 3 different countries, since 2010.

It's on the mountain where I find the biggest connection with myself, where I have the most insights and where my eyes cry so many times admiring such a natural beauty.

I truly believe that nature heals. In the other hand, I also believe we have the power to be anything we want, and to achieve all our dreams. Perhaps the first step is to look to ourselves and discover our fears, limiting beliefs and our wounds. The healing process is long and sometimes hard, but it brings us to a much richer life.

In a society where priorities are so far away from human development and self knowledge, it's never late to set your priorities right and do something good for yourself.

My academic background is Psychology, but my role here is not any kind of therapy. Instead, I would like to show you these beautiful mountains giving you, at the same time, space and tools to reflect about yourself, your life or just enjoying some peaceful days, away from the stress, crowds, traffic, big buildings and noise. Nature is always a good option to re-energize yourself, and you deserve it. 

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