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Schynige Platte

Lakes, landscape, rocky, arid, mountain hut.

120CHF pp Group/ 390CHF Private (1-2 persons)

Does not include transports.

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Total distance: 16Km
Estimated hiking time: 6h-6h30 hours + Transportation time
Suitable for children: Yes, depending on the age a
nd physical ability.  The hike does not present extra danger for children, but the trail is quite long, sometimes rocky, so we do not recommend it to children under 11-12 years old.

Elevation at the starting point: First, 2166m
Maximum elevation point: 2670m
Elevation at the arrival: 1967m

Price: 120CHF per person in a group / 390CHF private (max. 2 persons).


         Minimum for group price: 4 persons

        Does not include transports.

        Contact us for special family offers.

This is one of the most complete trails we offer. Although rather long, it rewards hikers with extraordinary views of mountain peaks and lakes, ever-green valleys with flowers blooming, but also rocky and arid terrain.


We start this hike with a 25 minutes cable car ride to the viewing point of First where you can try out the famous Cliff walk. From there, it’s a nice hike up to Lake Bachalpsee, where we have a chance to observe and hear marmots and find their burrows.


Needless to say, the lake acts as a spectacular backdrop for your pictures, with the Schreckhorn peak (4078m) dominating the landscape. You will also be able to see the Finsteraarhorn (4274m), the highest peak in the Bernese Alps. There are also many other mountains surrounding the lake: Wetterhorn (3692m), Schwarzhorn (2928m), Eiger (3970m), Reeti (2757m).


From there we start the longest uphill climb of the hike: 2,5km to Faulhorn, the oldest mountain hut in Europe. We will enjoy the beautiful panorama of mountains on one side and the two lakes that border the town of Interlaken on the other side.


From Faulhorn we make our way down to Schynige Platte, walking over easy terrain, but sometimes rocky, surrounded by majestic mountains of Eiger, Mönch (4107m) and Jungfrau (4158m). We hike above Lake Brienz and admire its beautiful turquoise waters, before our final arrival at Schynige Platte. From here, we take the old train to Wilderswill to go back to Grindelwald.

Contact us for reservations and more information.

Location and contact details:

Starting point: First, 2168m

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